"I Woke Up One Day With Paralyzing
Lower Back Pain, Severe Atherosclerosis And Crashing Depression…
All Caused By Eating What I Thought Was
A Healthy Diet!"
"After 10 Years of Experience as a Raw Foodist, Former Top DJ Reveals His System for Permanent Fat Loss, Eradicating Disease and Dramatically Increasing Energy Levels"
By Ariel Belloso

Being a DJ is not easy on your health. You have to work at odd hours and usually sleep during the day. Having done this job since I was a teenager, my health started to deteriorate in the year 2001 - just as the towers of the World Trade Centre fell. I remember thinking that “the party might be over.” I recall this time vividly because I was also soundproofing my recording studio in London at the time.

Nearly two decades spent travelling the world doing gigs and living a pretty intense lifestyle had started to take its toll on my health. I was beginning to feel tired and get irritated more easily, and day-to-day tasks were becoming increasingly more difficult.

I had been going to the gym for most of my adult life - pretty religiously at least 3 times a week, and this was also becoming hard work.

As the noughties progressed things got worse: I was so knackered by the age of 37 that I could hardly stand. I developed Arteriosclerosis that affected both of my legs to the point it made standing up very difficult.

You can eat smarter and get healthier without sacrifice!
And, as if that wasn’t enough, I began to get ear infections that would last for months at a time. These infections caused me to experience deafness to the extent that I could stand in the middle of London's Oxford Street and hear next to nothing. I recall DJing at Fabric Nightclub in London at the time and hearing hardly anything. I could only beat match records by feeling the vibration through the bass. Yes I was literally that deaf. It was horrible. But that wasn’t all. I was also experiencing other ailments such as allergies, gum disease, widespread joint and back pain, regular indigestion, and dizziness, especially when up at a height. It was quite natural to feel my heartbeat those days even after small physical activities or after playing a 2-hour DJ gig. I was also smoking a packet of cigarettes a day, which certainly didn’t help…
Playing Space Club in Ibiza. I remember the time vividly because I was trying to stop smoking (and failing). I only managed to quit for good after adopting the principles laid down in Health For Life.
From time to time, I would experience the other ailments we consider normal, such as colds, headaches, athlete's foot and various other maladies.

I also suffered from chronic depression; it was hard to understand the reason why, as nothing in my life appeared to be wrong. I was having a very successful career in music, I had no symptoms of illness and my family was perfectly healthy. What could possibly be wrong? I had not studied or done any research back then, but I instinctively knew that it had to be something chemical that was causing my depression.

As you can tell, all these symptoms were making my life pretty miserable and my job really hard work, I couldn’t concentrate on writing music any longer and I felt agitated. You need patience and emotional poise to sit in a recording studio for hours on end, and I had neither.

My will to do physical activity had entirely run out and while I was eating the same western standard and "balanced" nutrition that I have eaten throughout my life, I was starting to get fat.

Playing Heaven nightclub in London. Visibly overweight (hence wearing black). Not my best look I have to say.
There is nothing more horrible than becoming fat, your clothes don’t fit, you feel heavy, less attractive and incredibly lethargic, and your sense of vitality disappears.

Every time I tried to lose weight in the past, I would eat less food but I would end up only losing muscle in my face. As a result, people would comment that I looked too skinny and sick, and they were right. This was one of my life’s eternal dilemmas. I didn’t know how to lose weight around the stomach and hips while keeping the important muscle tissue in the face, so that I would remain fit, healthy and attractive. I put this down to my genes and thought that this was the way it’s supposed to be.

My digestive system was becoming so bad that I frequently felt bloated after a meal and my stomach swelled horrendously. I also became bulimic; putting fingers in my throat and throwing up became a casual thing; especially when drinking alcohol and eating afterwards.

I literally felt that I carried the world on my shoulders, feeling tired and run down most of the time. Some days I would wake up in the morning with pain all over my body. I used to take up to six Nurofen tablets (a well-known pain killer in England) just to get out of bed.

It occurred to me that maybe I was just getting older and that my ailments would continue to worsen as I aged. Culturally speaking, we often take this kind of physical deterioration for granted.

Let me know if you can identify with
ANY of the following situations:
  • You get tired easily and crave fatty foods.
  • You lack the willpower and discipline to stay away from junk food?
  • You comfort-eat when you are feeling down or depressed?
  • You feel that alcohol does not have the same effect it once did?
  • You are confused about the conflicting health messages you hear on the news? For instance, one day you read that coffee gives you cancer, and the next day it doesn’t?
  • You are never sure what is going into your body when you eat processed foods?
Can you also identify with
ANY of these conditions?
  • You can’t maintain a fitness regime for a long time. You exercise and feel OK for a while, but then let your plans fall by the wayside.
  • You are too busy at work to concentrate on healthy meals?
  • There are days when you can’t stop eating, and you don’t know whether you eat because you’re just bored or hungry, or both?
  • You dislike when people tell you to stay positive? How can you stay positive when things are not going well in your life?
  • You like the idea of eating more raw food but you think it might not be realistic because of your job and lifestyle?
  • You work with colleagues and co-workers who do NOT share or understand your beliefs and you feel emotionally drained trying to stay away from junk food at times?
  • You have the desire to develop all aspects of your self: physical, mental, and spiritual.

I have experienced all of these issues and more. I felt my body was turning rotten and I could see a dark road ahead that frightened me. I didn’t know what else to do but to accept the fate that most people live by: go and see a doctor and take some drugs when you are sick.. Well, thankfully that is NOT what I did.
Almost Everything You
Know About Nutrition is Not Correct

On a trip to visit my family in Argentina in 2005 I noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to chew certain foods, especially meat. I was beginning to feel intense pains in my mouth. This prompted a visit to a dentist.

The dentist told me I had gum disease and that I needed to stop smoking. I wanted to get a second opinion so when I came back to London I went to see my local dentist. He told me the exact same thing.

Knowing what I was going through, a friend suggested that I read a book, Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking. While reading this book, I became very aware of, and very curious about the approaches and philosophies employed by Allen Carr. This interest led me to read
further books on natural health which eventually led me to the discovery of a science by the name of Natural Hygiene. My interest was such that during the following 6 years, I put my DJ career on hold and spent nearly all my time studying and researching Natural Hygiene. I ended up reading over 300 books and I spent countless hours on detailed searches and analysis – including regular visits to the British Library in London’s Kings Cross. I was shocked to discover that the state and function of our health has almost nothing to do with what medicine or conventional wisdom has led us to believe.

I focused my studies on Natural Hygiene and Holistic Nutrition; with some Biology, Chemistry, Human Physiology, Psychology, the history of Medicine, and even on Economics. This combination meant that I could better understand some of the driving forces, which guide our eating habits from the moment we are born; and lead us to make many of the health choices that we make.

In the beginning, the purpose of my studies was to find solutions to my own health problems and addictions, with the secondary benefit of being able to help my friends and loved ones to deal with their own issues. Eventually, it became obvious to me that I should reach out further and try helping others.
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Take Your Body and
Your Health to the Next Level

Less than a year into the program I had lost 20 kilos (3.14 Stones) of weight. But hold on; I lost FAT, NOT MUSCLE. Losing fat from your face makes you look much more attractive. This is no joke; in fact it was one of my biggest shocks. Losing the excess fat from your face can literally make you look real fit and 10 years younger! My weight reverted back to my high school level of 67 kilos and has stayed there ever since.

Having had a bit of a belly and been slightly overweight for some time, I will never forget the moment my belly fat began to vanish for good and my abdominal size reduced. I started noticing the air passing between my t-shirts and my stomach. I will never forget this feeling, it is one of life’s pleasures that money simply can’t buy.

Fat Loss: The photo on the left was taken when my weight was 84 kilos (185 lb). The photo on the right was taken a few months later after adopting this program. I now weigh 67 Kilos (145 lb).
There’s more: ALL of the ailments I suffered - which I have previously described; have disappeared as if like magic. I have also got rid of diseases that I didn’t know I had; and at the age of 47 I feel healthier and more vibrant and I have more energy than at any time in my life.

You may ask how I overcome all those diseases and ailments without medication and without seeing doctors? Sadly, I cannot tell you everything in a few sentences; but I would if I could. That is why I had to spend 7 years of my life developing this system and writing this program so that you can too enjoy the benefits and improve your health.

Thanks to Health For Life, I have also managed to quit smoking and various other addictions, including alcohol, paracetamol, other painkillers, and various other pharmaceuticals.

It’s very easy to tell people they need to eat more fruit and vegetables but that is not how this system works. My program let’s you introduce healthy foods in a way that you will enjoy!

You can only succeed in living a healthy lifestyle and eating more raw food when your body becomes your ally and your friend, then you will start experiencing the benefits. You need to learn how to do this.

In this program I tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get your body to work with you, not just in terms of dealing with food, but also emotions, cravings, addictions, disease, physical activity and much more.

"But Ariel, Raw Food is More Expensive
and the Raw Diet is Too Restrictive!”
This program is NOT a diet and it’s NOT about eating 100% raw.

Health For Life is designed for real people living real lives; and for people who want to get maximum health benefits and improve their productivity while making realistic food choices.

Expensive? In all honesty, you can eat a very expensive raw food diet - as well as a very cheap one. It’s all depends on how you approach it, but I can guarantee you won’t break the bank with my program. In fact, my new lifestyle works out a lot cheaper than my old one.

It’s important to remember that Health For Life will also help in situations of high stress or economic problems, because it will give the vital energy you need to keep going when times get tough.

Shopping for fruit in Chinatown, London
Got More Questions? I have answers!
Can I succeed in improving my diet without using willpower?

I am not motivated enough to eat healthier. Can I still succeed?

Do I need to make any sacrifices?
No! It’s all gain.

Can I carry on eating my favorite cooked foods?
YES! You can still eat all of the cooked foods you like while you start this program, and only gradually introduce healthier eating habits (at your own speed). This system not only tells you what food to eat, but also importantly When and How to eat it!

Will I get all the protein, vitamins and nutrients my body needs while following this program?

Will I start getting the health benefits straight away?
I am proud to announce the release of:

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Here’s a Taste of What’s In The Program
  • How to speed up reflexes and heighten your senses
  • How to quickly and naturally improve your eyesight
  • How to effectively increase memory strength and alertness
  • How to stop your face looking pale and washed out
  • How to gain strength, courage, and confidence; and become hyper-efficient
  • How to overcome lack of self-discipline
  • The timeless secret to beating your junk food habit
  • How to stop drinking coca-cola and other fizzy drinks
  • How consuming excessive amounts of protein can damage your body. And why you need to eat the right amount of protein and not more.
  • Why protein deficiency does not exist
  • Should you eat dairy products?
  • How to cure type 2 diabetes and increase overall health in type 1 diabetes.
  • How to stop snacking between meals
  • How to get rid of bad breath and body odour
  • Who should take dietary supplements and why?
  • Why the conventional wisdom of eating everything in moderation is a myth
  • The top 4 reasons for tooth decay and how to stop it.
  • How the foods you eat affect every decision you make, and change the way you think!
  • How to break free from emotional eating
  • How to overcome depression
  • How to stop being insecure
  • How to meal plan to lose belly fat!
  • Fastest way to look great naked
  • What to do when you hate to exercise
  • Why exercise is not the answer to losing weight
  • What your doctor isn't telling you – and why.
  • How to remove fear of disease and achieve optimum health
  • Learn why addiction is nothing to be afraid of.
  • How to overcome addictive behaviour without going to rehab or 12 step meetings.
  • How to quit cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs without putting on weight.
And much, much more...

In This Program You Will Also Learn
  • The undisputed first step you need to take before you can successfully improve your diet in any way.
  • Why vegans and vegetarians still get sick; and how to end the contradictory information about animal protein.
  • How to prevent cancer or heal it.
  • Why athletes get more diseases than the average person.
  • The worst mistake you can make when trying to lose
    weight and why eating less is NOT the answer.
  • How to lose weight without losing strength!
  • How to achieve perfect nutrition with no deficiencies,
    without analyzing everything that you put into your mouth.
  • Why you think chocolate relaxes you.
  • Why so many people love cheese?
  • Everything you need to know about enzymes.
  • How to eat out with friends and have a social
    while staying healthy at the same time.
  • Learn the one critical aspect of fitness most
    commonly overlooked by almost every professional.
Who is This Program For?
I wrote Health For Life for people who:
  • Want to achieve vibrant health at all levels – including emotional.
  • Want to improve their diet by adding more raw foods.
  • Need to lose some fat and get fit.
  • Wants to understand the link between diet and various diseases.
  • Are already dabbling with some kind of raw food program but can’t fully stick to it; or are confused by different approaches and need new guidance.
  • Need help in dealing with nasty food cravings.
  • Need help quitting bad habits and addictions.
  • Want to know how to successfully transition from cooked to raw food.
  • Are curious about natural health and want to learn more.
Playing Pacha in Buenos Aires and looking fit and healthy.
What’s Different About Health For Life?

1. Health For Life is 100% scientific and offers achievable, science-based solutions. This is not another false-science attention grabbing fad diet.

2. Non-restrictive! - You can still eat any food you like while you begin this program and you will make the necessary changes at your own pace.

3. No more calorie counting.

4. No need to buy expensive equipment.

5. Yes, Health For Life will still work on low budgets.

6. We love the Raw Till 4 concept but we take it further and set no rules - Yes, you can drink your coffee in the morning if you want, eat your free cooked lunch at school or work and eat sweet after dinner – and you won’t get fat. Health For Life will show you how to make it all work.

7. This program is not a single-minded approach - it takes into consideration your location, convenience, specific climates, preparation of foods, shopping for food, whether you own a car or you don’t, and a wide range of other personal circumstances.

8. No more going to forums or Facebook to look for important answers. Let’s face it: can you put your health in the hands of a Facebook group without first doing your research? How frustrating does it feel having to go to a Facebook Group or forum to ask a key question about your diet, your health and personal circumstances? And when you do get an answer – if you get one; it is, in most cases the wrong answer. That not only frustrates the hell out of you, but it sabotages the state of your health even further.

9. Systematic and Step-By-Step — the information presented in this program is well-organized into a system. By the time you finish reading each passage, you will know exactly what to do.

10. Health For Life provides you with the most up-to-date and unbiased natural health information.

11. Not overwhelming — this is not an overwhelming 600-page program that you’ll never read. I’ve stripped out all of the unnecessary filler to leave only the good stuff: the practical information that you need to truly succeed with a health program in the real world.
***Special Bonus #1***

Health For Life

Weekly Menu Planner

The Complete 7-Day Healthy For Life Eating Guide For
Beginners And More Advanced Raw Foodists
This is NOT just a Menu Planner

Make no mistake, the Health For Life Menu Planner is NOT a meal planner that you’ll read once, look at twice, and then ignore. This is where I show precisely how to put a healthy raw diet into practice for those starting their journey to health, as well as for those already advanced in raw eating .

This 31-page eBook gem is very easy to understand and contains detailed cutting-edge information and recommendations that I have learned in my 10-years of experience, and that I have faith will have enormous value for you.

Most people find the concept of what precisely to eat on a raw, or mostly raw diet to be challenging. So to make things easier, I have designed this menu planner for you that shows you exactly the choices to make and what to eat each day of the week, Monday through Sunday.

In addition to the recipe ideas, you will find a description of the ingredients used in the samples. It also includes handy, practical information and important steps on how to transition to a mostly raw or 100% raw food diet; and what to do on each stage of the process.

A great menu planner, delivered to you in an electronic format.
***Special Bonus #2***

Health For Life MP3


Change your life for the better, look no further than this groundbreaking audio book.
Download and listen to Health For Life on your iPhone, iPad, Android, mp3 player or computer.
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Why Should You Believe Me?
Some of you might think: “You’re a DJ.” What do you know about health and nutrition?

I can answer that question by saying that I took almost 8 years out of my life to study Natural Health, and my work is ongoing because I am passionate about science and the results I am getting. In much the same way I can tell you that many of my teachers are not doctors; such is the case with the late Allen Carr. Yes - the world’s foremost expert in quitting smoking was in fact an accountant.

Natural Health isn’t medicine or mainstream nutrition. Most nutritionists and dieticians recommend very poor diets, only marginally better than the extremely poor ones the average public consumes.

No other animal on the planet gets as sick as we do, yet humans and the animals that we feed are alone in experiencing such incredibly poor health, and suffering from such a staggeringly large number of diseases. Clearly, the mainstream approach does not work.

The only way to clear the confusion and design a program that works for you is to show you scientifically-backed proven facts. This is what this program is about.

I am someone who has walked the walk of raw food and natural health. This system has been my life's work for 7+ years and is genuinely designed to help you control the food you eat, instead of food controlling you, as well as achieving incredible health in the process.

Flat stomach at 45! Holidaying with family in Pinamar, Argentina
Get these Exclusive Launch Bonuses…
The following extra information was hugely helpful while I transitioned to raw food and healthy eating... And because I really want you to succeed in your journey to healthy eating too, my team at Nutrition Raw have exclusively re-designed the Nutrition Raw Grocery List, The Health For Life Food Pyramid and Food Combining Chart into poster form, so you too can benefit from the information on these valuable guides. This is a launch only offer, and these items will be sold separately later on.
***Bonus #1***

If you're starting a raw vegetable diet, you might find these raw and transition foods shopping lists helpful. I had many people ask for mine so I've decided to design a brand new and complete grocery list so you can use it too.
***Bonus #2***


The first question most people ask a raw or mostly raw foodist is: What do you eat? This question is usually asked with a bewildered look on the face of the questioner! The answer is nicely summarised by the Health For Life Food Pyramid below.

You can print - and even better, make a laminated poster of the PDFs of the pyramid and place in a visible place, such as hanging from your refrigerator. It will remind you of the important foods and help you maintain focus.

***Bonus #3***

Simplicity aids digestion. Food combining is the little-known secret to eating that eases the digestive process to give you more energy and better health.

Following these simple guidelines will help you to overcome various digestive sicknesses, detoxify your body, achieve your perfect weight and attain maximum health
My Promise
Read the program at your own pace for a full 60 days from the date of purchase.

If before the end of that time, you aren't 100% convinced of the quality of my information, simply return the package and contact our staff at: contact(at)nutritionraw(dot)com. I'll personally make sure you get an immediate refund of your purchase price.
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How Health For Life Helped Defeat
My Mother's Cancer

My studies of raw nutrition and natural health coincided with the advance of the internet. The internet has enabled me to be in touch with my mother, via Skype, two or three times a day for many years. In 2001 my mother was diagnosed with Leukaemia and she underwent chemotherapy in 2003. As I studied natural health and nutrition, and implemented changes to my diet, my mother also began to introduce the same changes to her diet, though at a slower pace than me.

70 % of my mother's diet is now raw fresh fruit and vegetables. She still eats some cooked foods like lightly steamed vegetables, rice noodles, soy; and simple, low fat recipes. My mother does not consume any animal products.

In 2012 my mother's doctors told her that she no longer needed 6 monthly blood tests as she was now cancer free .

My mother is now 80 years of age and takes no medicines whatsoever; "Not even a single aspirin" she says! She has no health problems, including high blood pressure, which is a common condition amongst women post menopause. She now lives a life full of energy and so far free of illness.

My mother Ana in California, USA, aged 80
Since switching to her mostly raw food diet my mother has visited over 25 countries around the world, including China, Russia, the USA, much of Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai and Hong Kong. She has also travelled around Argentina, which is something I have not yet done. The rest of the Americas? Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico? You name it, she's been there! She is enjoying herself immensely with a precious health and vitality much envied, admired and commented on by her friends, and everyone that meets her. It is important to point out that she still eats mostly raw on her adventures, and without experiencing the slightest difficulty in doing so.

I cannot understate that my mother is a very open minded person. She has followed my teaching for 8 years, and not only knows what to eat and what not to eat, but she has also mastered the concept of food combining, fasting and other elements of health, such as adequate rest and relaxation, exposure to sunlight, exercise and others.

If you ask my mother why she eats the way she does, she will tell you it's because she feels great! This is the same answer I give when asked the same question. Yes, the benefits of eating the correct raw food diet are enormous, including being free of almost every disease, but ultimately how amazing you feel on this program is what makes you carry on. Life is to enjoy!

“I Was Blown Away By Your Honesty”


Hi Ariel, I have read your Health For Life program & I was blown away with your honest approach & the information in this book.

It’s so full of good, solid and PRACTICAL information.

I had, for a long time, wanted to eat mostly raw for health reasons; but it always seemed too difficult and out of my reach.

After reading your program I felt I had the self-confident and knowledge to be able to do it. After a week of following the program, I could not believe that I was actually doing it. Eating raw was nowhere near as impossible as I always imagined it would be. I noticed an improvement in my skin texture right away. Thank you Ariel!.


London, United Kingdom

“I Am Loving Reading Health For Life”


It is so easy to digest. I have not felt the same discomfort in my gut since following your suggestions. Thinking about it, I haven't craved for cakes or chocolates like I normally do.

Eating raw, for me agrees with my digestion so I just need to keep reading, keep learning so it naturally becomes a way of life for me.

Your books Ariel are simple, well laid out and full of the most helpful info.


United Kingdom

“The Information Value Far Out Strips The Cost. ”


Reading Health For Life helped me tidy up my thoughts about what I think of general health and nutrition.

Since I read your book, I began going to the gym, which was something that I resisted doing all of my life; and I feel so much better because of it!

I feel strong and I’ve already lost some excess fat.

As my diet improved, I stopped needing medicine for my high blood pressure.

I also noticed an unexpected change in my attitude toward life since I changed my diet.

I am more positive, more of the time; as well as more alert.

Others can see a difference in me as well.

I found the Menu Planner and the other bonuses to be incredibly useful. Thank you!!!


Dublin, Ireland

“Thank you Ariel ”


Dear Ariel,

I am a 39 French Buddhist nun.

When I am on a raw plant-based diet, my life is totally different. I am happy, full with energy, and my spiritual life is just amazing. When I don't, I am only obsessed with what I will eat next and with staying in bed.

I just finished reading your eBook, Health for Life, and I wanted to thank you for your amazing work. I have been trying to switch to a raw food diet for more than 4 years now, and always failed after a few weeks..

Thanks to your book, I finally understand why:

- Until now I wasn't eating enough calories (only 1400). What I thought was detox effects (fatigue, depression) was, in fact, a lack of energy because I wasn't eating enough. I have increased the amount of food as you advised and I feel so much better.

- Also, I wasn't eating enough green leaves. When I read your "at least two lettuce heads a day", I realised my mistake.

- The chapter about addiction is very helpful. It changed my perspective on what I thought was an addiction to junk food. Actually, this is just my body in pain from previous junk food ingestion. The first view seems hopeless while the second gives the solution: if I stick to this diet, the body pain and depression will just disappear and that's it!

I would like to express my deep gratitude for the skilful way you share your knowledge and your experience.

I hope your work will help a lot of people to succeed in eating a healthy diet and enable them to start living.



“I Feel Wonderful”


Your advice has helped greatly. I don’t have stomach aches anymore and my liver is no longer inflamed.

Even though I had my gallbladder removed, I still used to get sick when I ate most cooked food. I don’t have this problem anymore and I’m not putting on weight either. I have a lot more energy to walk and exercise

Maria Colon

Barcelona, Spain

“Solid, Practical Information”


I wanted to send you an email to let you know how much I enjoyed your program!

It was fun to read, and full of solid, everyday, useful information.

It helped me understand where I was going wrong with my diet.

I also enjoyed reading and learning from your own personal experiences.

I've been vegan for a while, and experienced a ton of health benefits; but since going on this program, my digestion has improved noticeably, my muscles are stronger, and my skin feels softer.

Your approach to addictions makes sense; it has helped me to quit eating some unnecessary vegan processed foods that were doing me no good.

I feel much more energetic these days, and I love it.

Thanks so much for writing it!

Ian Ballard

London, United Kingdom

“Thank You Very Much. What An Inspiration.”


I've been almost raw since last May, I did it for health reasons but am thrilled to have lost almost three stone. Not too keen on the detox symptoms which come and go but at least I know what they are.

Thanks again, brilliant!!


United Kingdom

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Health For Life
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Health For Life
Weekly Menu Planner

eBook - PDF
Health For Life

If you have struggled trying eating healthier, would like to lose weight, or change your life for the better, look no further than this ground - breaking audiobook.
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Nutrition Raw
Grocery List

Plan your meals and make grocery shopping super easy with the ultimate Nutrition Raw and Transition Foods Shopping List.
PDF File
Health For Life
Food Pyramid

The Health For Life Food Pyramid is designed to make healthy eating easier. It’s a simple and yet effective visual guide to the types and proportion of foods that we should eat every day for good health.
PDF File
Health For Life
Food Combining Chart

Food combining is one of my favourite tricks to streamline the digestive process and keep my diet simple and varied all year around.
PDF File
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Ariel Belloso
PS: If fear is holding you back, fear not. Junk food and other unhealthy foods will always be there. If you want to snowball the benefits to your health, don't wait any longer. Start right now.

Health For Life FAQs

   How does HFL plan compare to 80/10/10?

Both diets are similar and based on the same nutritional science (Natural Hygiene). Ariel considers Dr. Douglas Graham to be one his teachers. However, unlike Dr Graham, with his background in exercise physiology, Ariel Belloso had to overcome multiple addictions during his life and his experiences in this matter have been firmly laid down in this program. HFL focuses on success through overcoming addictions, with detailed steps to take in order to achieve your goals. It also includes a specified method of transition from cooked to raw foods to make the diet work.

   How does HFL compare to the McDougall Plan or Raw Till 4?

The difference between HFL and Raw Till 4, or HFL and the McDougall plan is substantial, chiefly in the way that HFL is based on Natural Hygiene. We don’t consider starches to be health foods, and only recommend them as transitional foods. Bearing this in mind, the HFL approach will not make you fat. We understand that it might be difficult for some people to eat raw 24-hours a day, and that’s why HFL is designed to be a system that addresses this issue and makes it work. Whatever our differences, we respect Dr. McDougall and Raw Till 4, as well as many other educators in the natural health field for their pursuit of getting people to eat healthier.